Phone Credit Card Processing: 585-981-8463‬

Payment Processing - eCommerce Accounts

*The login portal above is specific only to eCommerce transactions that are always available and complimentary for all eCommerce accounts that use CMS Max websites.
 **The eCommerce Support Phone shown above is for equipment specific issues directly related to the following:  PAX, TransIT/Merchant Center/WebPASS/MPA , ISV Software Support.            

Payment Processing - Brick & Mortar Accounts

*The login portal above is specific to Brick & Mortar transactions (card swiper) and is complimentary for the first 60 days of the account opening, then $7.50/month after that.  You can opt out if you only need to see paper statements mailed each month and not real time transaction history, etc.

PCI Compliance - All Accounts

*Control Scan is our 3rd party vendor who handles PCI compliance for your account.  An annual survey completion is required to maintain PCI compliance.  Control scan will reach out to merchants shortly after they begin processing payments to ensure they finish this survey.  Payments Max will support you through this process also.

Other Important Contacts

TSYS Departments
  • Cayan Genius Support (24/7) = 800-225-3480
  • Genius Support (24/7) = 800-249-3220
  • TSYS Customer Care FAX = 303-417-1021
    • Recipient will receive email notification upon receipt with FAX attached.  Do not have full card numbers sent in this way.
  • Vital POS Technical Support (24/7) = 800-224-9730
3rd Party Departments
  • Software Program Support = 877-447-3938
    • To use TSYS on you need to have your TSYS rep create a VAR sheet from TransLink. Then you will need to contact Authorize.Net who will give you the API keys.
  • Language Line Interpretter/Translation Service = 800-367-9559
    • Each dept. has a different Access Code.  For Merchant Support Use:  Client ID 736292; Access Code 450 
  • TransLink Insights Support = 855-518-7323
  • ValuTec Gift Card Services/Support (3rd Party) = 800-509-0625

General Information

Set-Up Fee Billing 

If the merchant boards in 1st half of the month (1st - 15th) – billed with 1st monthly statement
If the merchant boards 2nd half of the month (16th - 31st) – billed with 2nd monthly statement

Administrative Fee Billing 

If the merchant boards between June-November – billed in December
If the merchant boards between December –June – billed in June

Next Day Funding

Batch out by 7 PM EST for TXP
Batch out by 8 PM EST for regular terminal

To learn more about how TSYS can help improve the way your organization accepts payments, markets to new customers, or manages its HR responsibilities, get in touch by calling 585-981-8463 to get started.

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