PCI is charged on a Quarterly basis. $28.80 per quarter if they are not valid. $18.80 per quarter as long as they are valid. If a merchant boards and goes 180 days without showing valid PCI status then in addition to the $28.80 per quarter we also start billing them $9.95/mo ($38.75 total ) for PCI Non Validation.

Every merchant gets a welcome kit (copy attached). This prints out into a bi-fold booklet. Page 6 of the PDF or Page 10 of the booklet contains all of the information on PCI – including logging on to our Compliance101 website to track their status and complete whatever steps are necessary to show a valid status.

*Please note: Add the number "5" to all MID's on this sheet before communicating them to clients or TSYS back office, as we have removed the common "5" from the front of all numbers so this sheet can store them.

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