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Customer Due Diligence Requirements for Financial Institutions

The Importance of SIC Codes for Credit Card Payment Processing





How to Connect TSYS to

First Data

How to Connect First Data Nashville to

How do I get PCI Compliant Support?

How to Contact CAYAN Genius Support

Interchange fees

Phone Support for TransIT and Login URL

Frequently Asked Questions About TSYS

ACH Change Fee

ACH Return Fee

Administrative Fee

Annual Fee

Application Setup Fee

AVP Non-swiped fee

AXP Access fee

AXP System Processing fee

Brick & Mortar Accounts (anything related to the card readers):

CE: Suite (Intelligence) S/MB

Are there chargeback fees? If so what are they?

Can we take payments from customers outside the US?

Does TSYS have a contract?

eCommerce Accounts

Fees for Access to Card Brand Services

Fixed Acquirer Network Fee

How do I contact TSYS?

What does Invalid Data Fee mean?

Is there a credit check?

Is there next day deposits?

As a merchant, how do I change my bank account information for my daily settlements, monthly fees, etc.?

Merchant Club Fee

What are the criteria for opening a merchant credit card processing account for a non US citizen?

Does TSYS accept merchants outside the United States?

Monthly Minimum

Is there a monthly service fee and how much is it?

Non-EMV Risk Assessment fee

How Do PCI Compliance Charges Work?

Retrieval (Request for Copy) Fee

Translink Monthly Fee

Does TSYS allow merchant processing for Tobacco, Vape or e cigarettes?


Gateways We Support

CMS Payments Max Gateway


Gift Cards

Credit Card Processing Services for Every Industry 

Auto & Marine Parts & Service

Building Materials Suppliers

Charitable Organizations

Golf Courses & Sports Complexes

Home Improvement Contractors

Liquor & Wine Stores

Medical Offices

Retail Shops

Spas & Salons

Training & Education Centers

Credit Card Machines

Card Readers


Mini USB

Mini Wedge

USB Wedge

Check Readers

MAGTEK Mini MICR Check Reader

MAGTEK Mini MICR Check Reader

RDM, EC7014f Check Imager

RDM EC7014f

Compare Machines


Ingenico Lane 3000

Ingenico Lane 5000

Ingenico Lane 7000

Ingenico Lane 8000

Pin Pads

Ingenico IPP315

VeriFone P200 Plus PIN Pad (includes cable)

Verifone Vx805 PCI-PED Contactless (NFC) PIN Pad (TXP SI Only)





Semi-Integrated Hardware

PAX D210

PAX D220




PAX S300

S500 Countertop Payment Terminal

Pax S80 Countertop Payment Terminal

Pax S90 Mobile Payment Terminal

PAX S920

Terminal Hardware

Equinox Apollo

Ingenico Desk 1500

Ingenico Desk 3500

Ingenico Desk 5000

Ingenico iCT250

Ingenico Move 5000

MX 915 (4.3 inch display)

MX 925 (7 inch display)

Verifone V200c Plus and P200 Plus (includes PP cable)

VeriFone V200c Plus Countertop Terminal

VeriFone V400m (GPRS/WiFi/BT) No Base

VeriFone V400m (GPRS/WiFi/) with Base

Verifone Vx680 Wireless (BT) EMV/NFC w/ Base Station

Verifone Vx680 Wireless (WiFi) EMV/NFC w/ Base & IP Cable


VITAL Payment Solution Add-Ons

Vital Mobile

Vital Plus

Vital Select


PCI Compliance


Credit Card Processing Services

Credit Card Processing

Cash discount

CBD Credit Card Processing

Credit card surcharge

Dual pricing

Virtual Terminal

eCommerce Payment Solutions

Mobile Credit Card Payments

Accept Online Payments

To learn more about how TSYS can help improve the way your organization accepts payments, markets to new customers, or manages its HR responsibilities, get in touch by calling 585-981-8463 to get started.

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