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Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant means that any company or organization that accepts, transmits, or stores the private data of cardholders is compliant with various security measures outlined by the PCI Security Standard Council to ensure that this cardholder data is kept safe and private.

Merchants are charged for PCI Compliance as follows:

PCI Compliance Support (Validated) = $18.80 Quarterly
PCI Non-Validation (Unvalidated) = $28.80 Quarterly
Non Receipt of PCI Validation (180 Days Unvalidated) = $125.00 Monthly

In summary, PCI Fee will be reduced to $18.80 for ongoing support once compliance is validated; an additional monthly fee of $125.00 will be charged for ongoing support each month where compliance is NOT validated after 180 days from date of boarding.

Every merchant gets a welcome kit. This booklet contains all of the information on PCI – including logging onto the Compliance website to track their status and complete whatever steps are necessary to show a valid status.  Merchants should also look for direct emails from PCI Compliance to set up and certify their accounts.

PCI Compliance Help

Portal Login:
Phone:  800-571-3928

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