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Credit Card Processing for Training & Education Centers

With more and more learning being done remotely, there’s never been a more important time to have online credit card processing that’s safe, reliable and tailored around your center’s unique billing needs.  At Payments Max, we simplify things by providing a full host of innovative, affordable and highly-secure electronic payment processing services, ranging from traditional eCommerce to convenient mobile phone payments. 

By utilizing today’s most advanced credit card payment processing technology from TSYS, Payments Max can deliver a solution that specifically accommodates online and electronic payment for tuition, fees and any other billable services you may offer.  Regardless of the nature of your training center, we can help make billing and credit card payments more affordable, secured and stress-free.

Streamlined Credit Card Payments for Educators and Training Canters

Whether you need a more  secure way for students to register and pay for classes, or looking to integrate app-based or mobile credit card payments at your facility, Payments Max brings years of experience and expertise to help you operate more efficiently.  Get in touch today to learn more or schedule a demo with one of our staff.  We can be reached at 585-981-8463 or via email.

To learn more about how TSYS can help improve the way your organization accepts payments, markets to new customers, or manages its HR responsibilities, get in touch by calling 585-981-8463 to get started.

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