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Mag-Tek's MICR check and card readers bring unprecedented ease, efficiency, and security to the retail counter. Thousands of retailers worldwide are reaping the benefits, moving cus­ tomers quickly through checkout lines and verifying checks and magnetic stripe cards instantly at the point of sale while reducing fraudulent check acceptance. No delays. No mis­ takes due to manual character entry.

  • Low cost MICR check reader
  • MSR model reads checks, ISO­ standard magnetic stripe cards, and 1-, 2-, and 3-track MMVA driver's licenses
  • Interfaces:
    IBM 4683/4693, NCR 7052 Keyboard Wedge, Hypercom Terminals, VeriFone Terminals, PC Keyboard Wedge
  • Dimensions:
    Mini MICR: 6.0" long; 4.0" wide; 3.18" high
    Mini MICR with MSR: 6.0" long; 4.0" wide; 4.4" high


Reading of checks, credit and debit cards, and driver's licenses using Mag-Tek MICR readers is automatic and foolproof. There are no alignment or placement subtle­ ties to introduce human error.


Mag-Tek MICR readers handle checks in real-world con­ ditions with the highest level of accuracy. You can be confident in the accuracy of the data read, and in deci­ sions to accept or reject checks and credit cards. The ability to read driver's licenses affords extra protection by verifying customer identity.


Read a check, magnetic stripe card, or driver's license instantaneously, transferring information to the host system. Your customers will appreciate the good service and fast checkout. You'll realize benefits to the bottom line, accepting checks with confidence and ease (with appropriate host processing).


Mag-Tek MICR readers stand up through years of daily use at checkout, reading every check as accurately as the first. Proven in use, our MICR readers are in service today with major U.S. retailers, reading millions of checks daily and billions annually.

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