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Brand: Dejavoo

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  • All Dejavoo Z9 Mobile Payment Devices are EMV Chip Card Ready and Certified. All come standard with the following features: NFC Contactless Readers for pay, Google Wallet, Samsung Pay, etc., touch screen for signature on display and PCI compliant Internal PIN Pads with each Z9 Model.
  • Dejavoo Z9 with Built-in WiFi only

    The perfect solution for Pay at the table, or just any place where WiFi is available! The Z9 WiFi Only model is the ideal mobile payment device for restaurant pay at the table EMV, customer completes the transaction!

    More Features

    – Larger, sleeker flat screen with wider keys for easier use
    – Enhanced, more powerful battery for improved and longer performance
    – USB-C charging capability allowing for more flexible charging opportunities
    – This wireless WiFi terminal features both 4G and 3G GPRS, offering widespread communication options, WIFI

    Product includes:

    - Terminal

    - Power Supply

With the versatility of using the GPRS data networks or connecting to a Wi-Fi network this is the perfect combination for any mobile merchant. No Wi-Fi available? Use the GPRS networks. Wi-Fi accessible? Save data usage and connect  to Wi-Fi. Supporting both 4G/3G GSM networks, the Z9 connects directly to the host platform as an IP transaction over the wireless radio, eliminating the need for costly gateways.


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